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eave out, one, the bar and saw me, jumped a little surprised to see me, and said : you have from long her friend soon left me an apology and a joke, then they laugh at you led him to say no, as I said, I could isharemybitch see, was crushed, but it is sO last time we have made ​​jokes always talk about his, I would have thought it would be to give me a break, however, and if where I am sure myself that the kids could look at a different angle, or a joke I read a lot into it more forward a couple of months we have seen something on TV where a woman had an affair, then we went to bed we made love, and yesn raises the issue of women having an affair and asked if he was really bad, and I said no, do not really think that sometimes can be good in many ways, but there are a lot and like all games and felt relashionship which said that a few years ago said he would not mind if I sleep with someone else how you feel now that I think was from scratch, it might be to take or something, play with some hesitation, I, I think to be well After that night there was not much to say really for a couple of weeks before us and we both had a drink in bed in January, once again brought back to indirectly was like I was trying to e
Quotes ither my feelings or thoughts, after a pint or three I was more relaxed and I said, I'll be fine if you like some of it discreetly so that no one ever wanted to know about him, you have someone in mind laughed isharemybitch Jan, if not none, of course, I felt her pussy was so wet, and you wantsex education, was seized of a good n The next day I was thinking that was expected and was thought in mind was that night told me that if isharemybitch ever the opportunity to come to me isharemybitch I would not mind no I was not fine, as long as they are not behind my back seemed please with the answer I think we both know it was time to figure this out, started the ball rolling when he said that I isharemybitch 've never been unfaithful, but as time ticks, I think all married couples some new things in life you do not know all go, but much has been said, During the 3 weeks of Jan and I are talking so much about very open to the consideration that is quite conventional and conservative, where isharemybitch sex involved in the past, does not really look at whether, but when and by whom, I had begun to promote and to me it was a dream can come true I will discuss later because for a long time, as always


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It all started a few years we have, where the average couple, Jana this is still a beautiful woman missing for two children is still not well trained and very thin in a figure of all evil, now in their forties, I'm a slightly older children had flown the nest and was the first time alone for years have been sexually close again, I would say, to life as usual we had a little fantasy classifier Bettgeflüster a bit, we have been doing the talking for years, knew the two do isharemybitch not go beyond that to talk until we went one day in the afternoon, we had drinks and a meal, and I was ogling some young Jan this seemed happen a few times when we find out if, he had never seen before, I do not notice, I mentioned it to her and she told me not too dumb Then one night we stayed in a pub and I had gone to the bathroom when I was back in the bar had a younger man in his neighborhood, and it seemed as if he approached her to talk, I was to see howquestion, had licked his back to me after few minutes I made my way through Jan was still sitting behind her appeared on a stool and he was the one, must rest on the bar behind me and she surprised, he heard her lines, she laughed and laughed as he said, and enjoyed, I had to l